Social lethaL‘s launch week is coming to an end! I’m going to slow it down a bit.

I hope you enjoyed the first few boards. In any case, this first week has allowed me to see a few things to change.

First of all, I’m going to stop news on my website, they’re useless except to give me some more translation work (and then news of one line, frankly, it’s ridiculous). I’ll just put the date of the last update on the home page.

For the rest, I’ll (ir)regularly post new episodes. You can follow me on Facebook by liking my page or on Instagram to stay informed.

Social lethaL will also have a paper edition in 2021, that you can find on the No-Xice© stand (french only) at different conventions like Japan Expo, and also in the online shop of the No-Xice© website.

However, the news of the site are not completely “dying”, I will post less often but I will put more interesting news than “what’s up is online”!

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