Social lethaL #0005 US San Lee manga top

It’s not my fault!

5th episode of Social lethaL online! The launch week is coming to an end, I’m going to slow down the pace a bit now, because one episode a day is not sustainable! 🥵 Keep up to date with the releases by following me on Facebook and Instagram! 👙 Read Social Read more…

Social lethaL #0003 US San Lee manga top

Too beautiful!

Social lethaL episode 3! Starting tomorrow, I start to “release” blocked episodes! 🦖 Read Social lethaL #0003 Stay informed, and also find all the episodes of Social lethaL directly on social networks! 🦑 Like my FB page🦀 Follow me on Instagram


Opening of the website!

There you go! With a little delay, due to Covid, my website is finally online! First of all, I invite you to read my little presentation: I will tell you more as my website evolves, but I didn’t want to make my first post too long (“Who cares! Draw Read more…